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Strategic Selling Solutions - Improving the Bottom Line

BLG Consulting Group offers sales training solutions that are singularly focused on improving bottom line results. Step one in the process is identifying the barriers to achieving revenue goals. Once identified, BLG Consulting Group engages with the client to develop and implement strategies targeted at removing the obstacles, clearing the way for sales success.

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts."
                                                                                                                                   --John Wooden, Basketball Coach

Strategic Selling Workshops

Are these concerns familiar to you?

   - The market is growing but you're not.
   - Your sales team continues to miss their revenue or targets, regardless of the economy.
   - Sales representatives are doing a lot of demos and writing a lot of proposals, 
but they

     aren't closing deals.

   - Your new product launch didn't achieve the results you expected.
   - You have difficulty hiring and/or retaining good sales people.

Often times, poor sales performance is a result of bad habits. Effective sales team development

starts with targeted training, and must be continually reinforced through systems and process.

Sales Process Optimization

Sales process optimization is the identification of the most effective, systematic series of actions,

taken by a company or sales person, for generating revenue. Optimization consists of:

    - Defining the existing methodology
    - Removing bottlenecks
    - Identifying effective work flows
    - Measuring results

Optimization is an on-going process, optional only for those satisfied with mediocrity.

Implementation of Sales 2.0 Technologies

Sales 2.0 is the integration of Web 2.0 technologies, products and services, with efficient sales processes. This integration leads to:

     - Higher velocity of deals moving through your funnel
     - Higher volume of deals closing, and
     - Higher dollar value per sale.

Bloated sales funnels are being replaced with high velocity, high value sales funnels due to

prospecting and qualifying technologies. No wonder companies are eager to understand and

implement sales 2.0 solutions!

Sales 2.0 technologies include: web conferencing services, virtual platforms, contact and

community engagement software, social networking, website tracking, email response tracking,

blogs, video blogs, lead enhancement solutions, survey tools, next-generation CRMs as well as

a host of services yet “undefined.”

Presentations that Sell

Poor presentations are one of the most common and least understood barriers to success

in sales today. More than 30 million powerpoint presentations are made every day, and the

majority of them will not deliver on their objective: to move the audience from where they are,

to where you want them to be.

BLG Consulting Group will work with your team to ensure that the presentations that are created

and delivered will educate, persuade and sell.

Sales & Marketing Integration

In most companies, sales and marketing pursue revenue generation from different perspectives

and with very limited cross pollination. The end result is inefficiency, which leads to diminished

sales and profits. A tightly integrated sales and marketing program will: enhance marketing effectiveness, improve lead generation effectiveness and shorten sales cycles.

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