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Recommended - What clients have to say about BLG Consulting Group

We view every engagement as the beginning of a partnership, with our success wholly dependent upon your success. We succeed when you do.

"No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit."

                                                                                                                                                       --Andrew Carnegie

Roger Lang, CEO -

Cutthroat Communications

"As a CEO, I need accurate forecasting and consistent performance. BLG Consulting Group came in and worked with our sales team on effective territory management, smart prospecting, and metrics for success. The results speak for themselves: I receive accurate forecasts and revenues are up. It was well worth the investment."

Lou Parrague, President -

Capture Technologies

"Bridget, I could not be more pleased with our meeting and with the thought that you will interface with our salespeople. You are positive and inspirational and that is exactly what I want to instill in our sales force. Thanks for taking on this assignment and for aiding me in strengthening our organization."

Sara Rauchwerger, Founder and Director - CciCe

"Lois plays a pivotal role in CCICE by engaging the audience with her excellent presentation skills. She is extremely organized, resourceful, and understands what it takes to close a deal. Lois is able to clearly see where there is a need and its impact to lead the effort and point the team in the right direction. She is networked in the industry and can draw upon resources easily. I enjoy working with Lois and highly recommend her to share her skills and expertise to help others succeed."

Chris Emerson, Director of Sales - Certain Software

"I really felt that the training we did with you most recently was a breakthrough for the team. They were all very fired up afterwards and seemingly still are. They all really connected with you personally as well and I think that we as a group are better sales people for having had you in. I know that constructive criticism makes us all better and I'd love to come up with some for you on the session but in all honesty the feedback has been so good that I'm coming up empty."

Judy Friedman, Founder and CFO - Sonoma Promotional Products

"Thank you!!!! There are things you are accomplishing that I have wanted to happen for a very long time"

Henry Wong, Partner - Garage Technology Ventures

"At the height of the recession when spending has been cut back sharply, Lois introduced and helped us close a major sponsor for the International Consortium of Entrepreneurs."

Michelle Hines, VP of Sales - TRUSTe

"I began working with Bridget earlier this year to assist me in charting a path to take my sales management career to next level. She has proven to be an experienced coach skilled in providing both strategic and tactical advice. Bridget's long standing experience and success as a sales executive combined with her passion about helping others is a powerful and effective combination."

Karen Davis, Program Manager -

Xerox Corporation

"Bridget is that rare professional - competent, smart, classy and fun - who makes an immediate impact on people. She has known success on many levels and is unsurpassed at effective communication. Her style is one of collaboration and inclusion with an organized, disciplined approach. She inspires excellence in whomever she meets. Bridget knows how to customize each opportunity using proven tools, practices and tactics. You want Bridget on your team!"

Mark Guarnara, Director of Sales -


"We chose BLG Consulting Group after an extensive search to find the right team of people to educate and motivate our sales force. Our number one criteria: the consulting team must be comprised of professionals who are highly successful sales people. BLG fit our ideal profile and delivered an exceptional sales program that has resulted in immediate ROI to our organization. Thanks BLG for getting the job done right!"

Jon Bailey, Sales Executive -


"You are without a doubt, the best consultant I've ever worked with. I developed my sales skills more in eight hours with you than I have in the past two years working on them eight hours a day. Thank you!"

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