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Bridget Gleason - Founder and Principal

"Motivate them, train them, care about them, and make winners out of them... then they'll treat the customers right. And if customers are treated right, they'll come back."

                                                    -- J. Marriott Jr.



Sales and Business Development

Bridget Gleason - Principal and Founder of BLG Consulting Group - began her sales career in 1985 with Xerox Corporation; one of the early pioneers of the Solutions Selling model. Her immediate and continued sales success is a testament to the importance of selling systems and selling process. Bridget received numerous sales achievement awards during her career at Xerox Corporation, Wang Laboratories, and Visionary Design Systems (Hewlett Packard's Largest Technical VAR).

Management and Operations

In 1998 Bridget started Summit Group Consulting - a technology services organization serving the high tech community in Silicon Valley. It was with Summit Group Consulting that Bridget was able to create an organization with a double bottom line, thus proving her conviction that companies can "do good and do well" at the same time. The employment of a diverse workforce of underserved youth and minority populations generated a strong financial as well as social return on investment, thus creating high value for stakeholders.

Strategic Marketing and Sales Consulting

The team at BLG Consulting Group provides hands-on support and counsel to small and medium sized firms in Silicon Valley. Areas of expertise include: product positioning & messaging, sales team development, sales process optimization, sales & marketing integration, sales 2.0 technologies, and sales management.

Diverse Industry Experience

Our clients come from a variety of industries: Telecommunications, SaaS, Technology led health, Software development, Media & Advertising, Financial services, Retail and Non-profit.

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